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"Why I started The Concussion Discussion"

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Lucas' story:

Sometime in late 2020, I was assaulted. A single punch to the back of my head knocked me unconscious. After waking, I was taken to hospital and told I had a concussion. I was expected to recover within a few weeks.

And yet, two years later, I still suffer from a range of symptoms, including: brain fog, light-headedness, exercise intolerance and migraines. One punch completely changed my life.

Now, that’s not to say that I haven’t made significant progress in my recovery over the last couple years. I’ve gone from feeling like I could hardly climb a flight of stairs, to being able to go on relatively long runs. Other aspects of my life, such as my social life, have also returned to a more ‘normal’ level of activity.

However, despite my apparent progress, I strongly believe that my recovery could have been lot faster from the get-go had treatment options been more readily available to me.

'Treatment timeline'...

It was nearly 6 months before I'd even heard the terms ‘Post-Concussion Syndrome’ and ‘Traumatic Brain Injury’. It was another month or two after that before I even began rehab…

The fact of the matter is – no one with a brain injury should have to wait months and months before they finally get the answers they’re searching for. For many people with PCS, my timeline might even seem comparatively rapid in its progression to diagnosis and treatment. I was lucky enough to have medical insurance that paid for my initial appointments and referrals.

"It's time to talk about concussion"

Therefore, having made substantial progress in rehab, I promised myself that I would not turn my back on those in the earlier stages of their recovery. I realised the necessity for an online platform where patients could share information, discuss Post-Concussion Syndrome and research the available treatment options.

In late 2022, The Concussion Discussion was launched, with the slogan ‘It’s time to talk about concussion.’

I sincerely hope this platform can help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Lucas Farmer, Founder

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